[Launched] Time Tracking Entries

Hey @Alexander_Weißgerber and @Phil_Seeman ,

I don’t happen to know off the top of my head. I’d need to investigate or test it out. Are you saying that you don’t get these events when subscribing to a task?

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Hello @John_Baldo,

thank you for your reply.
t’s not that I am not getting the events, the problem is different:
We use an external application to track our times and generate client invoices based on working hours of single tasks. Within this external application we create a new project and this causes in Asana the creation of a new project based on a template. That works well.
The next step is the creation of tasks. This will happen manually and means when a user creates a task we need to establish the “time_tracking_entry” webhooks.
I am able to create webhooks based on tasks and even those for a story to get notified about time tracking entries however the stories doesn’t help because of useless information. They do not include the real amount of tracked time but story-text.
And here comes the moment where we have to establish “time_tracking_entry” webhooks for newly created tasks and as it is written in the opening post this should be possible since April 2023.

The question is now: How to establish a webhook for a “time_tracking_entry” when this does not work?

array_push($aFilters, [
	"action" => "added",
	"resource_type" => "time_tracking_entry",
array_push($aFilters, [
	"action" => "changed",
	"resource_type" => "time_tracking_entry",
array_push($aFilters, [
	"action" => "deleted",
	"resource_type" => "time_tracking_entry",
$aWebhookData = [
	"filters" => $aFilters,
	"resource" => $task_gid,
	"target" => $webhook_url,
$result = $client->webhooks->createWebhook($aWebhookData, ['opt_pretty' => 'true']);

Hello @John_Baldo , I’d kindly ask if there are any news on the topic of webhook establishing for time tracking entries?