It always return Forbidden error when creating a Task

Hi I’m kinda confused that whenever my app create a task its throws Forbidden error. My users authorize my app to create a task on their behalf.

When I create using my own token it works pretty great but when it comes to their own token it says Forbidden. Well, not all users experience the same issue.

Even when you just pass the name of the task without any other props its having a Forbidden error. Based on theerror codes it says “The authentication and request syntax was valid but the server is refusing to complete the request. This can happen if you try to read or write to objects or properties that the user does not have access to.

So even just the simple name prop can be locked or something? Does my users has to change something in order to create a task from my app?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kenma9123, thanks for reaching out. How are your users authenticating to your app? Are you using OAuth? It sounds like they’re trying to access data outside of their own Asana account.