Is there an IOS app?

Is there an IOS app for Asana?
Somehow, I had one on my last laptop - but I can’t figure out how I downloaded it now that I’m on my new laptop…

Hi @Sarah_Doherty,

When you say “laptop”, can you clarify what operating system it’s running? Is it Mac OS?

iOS is for iPhones and iPads only; it doesn’t run on laptops.

There is an iOS version of Asana, available in the Apple App Store, but again it’s only for iPhones and iPads.

There’s no Mac OS version of Asana, nor is there a Windows version, so I’m not sure what you downloaded on your old laptop but it couldn’t have been an official version of Asana.

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Hi Phil,
Thanks for the clarification - I’m so curious now as to what I had before!
I work on a Mac OS

Appreciate your speedy response.

Hi @Sarah_Doherty,

You’re probably referring to Appsana. Please note this is a third-party app that was not developed by Asana, so if you have some questions or if something doesn’t work as expected, we won’t be able to help!

By logging into Asana from any browser, regardless of OS, you would have access to your Asana. Just save the shortcut to the page. I make mine part of my startup pages.

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