Inventory Managements

Not sure if this has been discussed yet but if it has, please point me in the right direction. I am looking to see if I can use Asana or integration for inventory management. I have supplies that need to be received via barcode and scanned out but have the ability to see current inventory.

Any suggestions?

I think that would be in interesting use case scenario. ASANA could help reminding you about check for inventory.

Can you share a bit about your inventory management.

  1. Is it a software based inventory management or a manual one
  2. Does it have an API,
  3. which technology stack is it hosted on
  4. How do you come to know you are low on stock.
  5. how is the inventory in real time ?

Salman, Khwaja.

I was trying to find a way to actually use Asana as my inventory management with a form or worse case, link Asana to a 3rd party inventory system like InFlow. If using a 3rd party, low stock alerts are fairly common but the key would be for it to alert on Asana as a task. If using Asana as the inventory system, then you would need to create a form with In stock QTY, Consumed QTY, Low QTY alert QTY and then could have a requested order QTY.

Asana is not currently a good place to do a lot of calculations, comparisons, or rule-based actions with numeric fields. IMO.

Maybe if you provided an example of the most complex workflow logic action you would like the system to take, people could reply as to what it would take to get that done in Asana.