Increase/customization of graph time length (Line charts)

I would love to see all the data of a graph that I have in a Reporting Dashboard.

I have a “Total tasks by completion date” line graph that only shows a little bit more than a year and just displays a “+49 more” at the bottom ( +49 extra months not displayed in the graph). I understand that cramming everything in a small graph wouldn’t look good, but in the “View larger” option, a much larger view (time-wise, not only size-wise) of the data should be available. Ideally we should be able to either choose the start and end dates of display by using the filters and get exactly that info on the graph, or to give us the ability to scroll the graph sideways in the “view larger” option through all the available data.



Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @AdrianCB

I understand what you are requesting, but for what it’s worth, what you mention is actually possible by using the below filter (in your case, based on task completion date):

Once you click this filter, you will get the following options:

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Hi Richard!

Thanks for your reply. You did specify that is was not intended as a solution, but writing a reply for clarity for others that read it. I tried what you shared, but that only works for short timeframes… you still run into the “can’t display more than barely 1 year” problem.

Thanks for the self-voting tip though!

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