Improve Asana project upload speed

Hello - We are uploading projects to Asana via API.

When we send multiple parallel requests at a time using the Asana APIs, it seems that the requests are blocked and executed in sequential order rather than parallel at the Asana server.

So it increase our tasks creation time, can you please help us to resolve this issue or provide insight on how we can execute our requests in parallel at the Asana server?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Angel_Watkins

Which technology do you use to make your parallel actions?

If it’s from the browser, it’s not Asana API, but the browser itself, that limit the number of concurrent XHR query at the same time.

My suggestion is to use the Batch API, and send your project creation in batch of 10.

Batch API – Asana

Also, concurrent requestes are limited to 15 when using POST.
Rate Limits – Asana

Note that 1 batch of 10 is count as 10 requests.
So you can’t do 15 parallel batch of 10 (for 150).

If you make more than 15 parallel “POST”, you will get a 429 error message.

That’s why I think that the issue is on your side, on on Asana API, if you don’t have any 429 error, but only wait time.