Identifying Subtasks in export

I’m exporting my asana project to Excel / Google docs to do a bit more analysis.

I’ve noticed that a large # of tasks in the export are actually “sub-tasks”. I’d like to quickly filter out the sub-tasks but i’m unsure of how to systematically identify a sub-task and differentiate it from a “task”. Is there an already existing tag that i could use or is there a way to write a rule that says “all sub-tasks get flagged with “SUBTASK=YES””?


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Once exported as csv and then converted to xlsx format or uploaded as google spreadsheet you should have a better overview.

If you need more and advanced export features you can take a look at tools such as Bridge24, Asana2Go or others.

Here is a nice post by Larry about this functionality via Asana2go How to export tasks/subtasks as a text file? - #8 by lpb


Thanks for the reply! I’ve done the xlsx export but my assumption would be that there would be a column for “SUBTASK” with a value or “Yes” or “No” or some other way to clearly identify if a task is a subtask of another task. The only workaround i can see so far is to filter on “Parent task” and only include those with no parents but that’s not a super accurate representation and kind of a work around.

On a similar topic, is there a way to include a column of “Is task complete?” with a Y/N value?

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