How to export tasks/subtasks as a text file?

Hi There, couldn’t find a ‘Questions’ category so not sure if this is the right place to post sorry.

I have a list of tasks and sub tasks that I need to copy into a text file, how do I do that?

If I try to copy/paste, selecting doesn’t select task headlines and selects the Asana UI which is messy. And if I try to export a CSV, I obviously end up with an unformatted spreadsheet.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Ben

Welcome back, @ben_s!

You could consider using my Asana2Go which offers many output types, and can create a text file or you can paste into a text file, email, etc.:


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Thanks Larry, I don’t really understand why a plug-in is required (seems like a basic thing to want to do) but I’ve installed it however, I still don’t see any way to select and copy/paste all the text.

I also don’t see an icon in the extensions area, how do I access it?

Cheers and thanks again.

Ignore! Found it.

Hi @lpb ,

Do you have to select the stuff you want to export? If so, we still can’t overcome the original problem, you can’t properly select everything anymore - right?

A few years back, Asana changed titles (TAB + N instead of ‘:’ ) but afterwards, you can’t run the mouse down a full list of titles/tasks/subtasks to select everything because the titles no longer get selected. BTW this change ruined the main thing we really loved about Asana, speed and simplicity.

Does that make sense or am I missing something basic? If we can’t select everything we want to export, how do we use the plugin to export everything?

Cheers, Ben

Hi @ben_s,

Yes, Asana2Go works on your selections, and there’s a limited number depending, usually over 100+, despite Asana’s limit of 50; ignore that warning for Asana2Go purposes.

But if you need more, then I think you could use Asana’s PDF export, then copy all from there which will 1) allow you to do all tasks, and 2) include Section titles. When you paste, you may want to paste w/o formatting for best results. That’s usually Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-v. You may need to experiment a bit with this.

Asana’s change long ago enabled a lot of other functionality, but at some expense, as you mention.



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Thanks @lpb ,

So have ignored what I’m seeing as being selected (a bit counter-intuitive) and just used the extension but if your first item is a title, it’s never included and neither are its subtasks - right?

However, I’ll just copy those out one at a time, then re-copy the final ones that are over the 100 limit.

I realise this isn’t your fault but why does Asana make this task so painful? It used to be a no brainer!



If you select four tasks that are in two sections, and use the “List - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks” standard output in Asana2Go, then you’ll get the following output, which shows both section names and subtasks which is what you seem to be asking for:

I don’t want to use the Asana forum for Asana2Go support so please check all the docs and videos for your other question, or contact me offline if you can’t find an answer there.



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I understand what you’re saying and was using the copy mode suggested but I can’t copy everything I need when a title is the first thing because it doesn’t select, and/or what gets shown in the view/copy page isn’t everything I need.

Dunno, might be a Mac/PC thing. When I try to select a title, it either just moves the title up/down or it clicks into the title to edit it.

Either way, I’ve managed to copy/paste what I’m looking for via copy/paste with the app, and via manual, one-by-one copy paste so thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

Cheers, Ben

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