HTTP Post Project Status Update Title

Hi all, I am writing my first integration and have stumbled on an issue that I feel like I should be able to work around. When I post a project status update from the API it defaults the title of that update to: “Project Status - {Month}{Day}” When you update the status manually, however, you can set the title to be whatever you want. Is there a way to set the title when you post an update from the API? If not, is there any reason why and any workarunds people have used instead?

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Hi @Joe_Mertz, sorry for the trouble! When we originally launched status updates in the API, titles of status updates in the product weren’t customizable. We lost track of when customizable titles launched and didn’t change the API to match, but I’ve made the changes now and in another day or so you should be able to set custom titles when creating updates.


Thank you so much Joe! Really solved a problem for me there, and I appreciate it greatly! It’s working on my end now!

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