How to request additional info when using Python API?

The API says that the search_tasks_for_workspace doesn’t paginate the way the others do, nor does it return an offset ID, and instead it recommends building your own by sorting it by ‘modified’ then using the values of the last-modified to filter out ones already seen.

The problem is, search_tasks_for_workspace only appears to return 3 fields (gid, name, and resource_type).

How do I structure my Python function call to request additional fields, such as ‘modified’ or ‘completed’? Here is the query I am currently using:

results = client.tasks.search_tasks_for_workspace(WORKSPACE_GID, {'expand': True, 'limit': 100, 'completed': True,
                                                                      'due_on.after': past.strftime("%Y-%m-%d"),
                                                                      'due_on.before': future.strftime("%Y-%m-%d"),
                                                                      'sort_by': 'modified_at'},