How to interpret time entry by Sara on task assigned to Bob

Say there is a task assigned to Bob. Asana allows Sara to log time to that task. Say she logs 15m to it. How should such an entry be interpreted. I can imagine two interpretations:

  1. Sara did 15m of work on Bob’s task.
  2. Sara is helping Bob log his time. She is noting that Bob did 15m of work on his task.

From other responses, I believe most people are thinking the answer is 1. Can I please get confirmation that that is the intended semantics of this feature.

And if so, I’d like to know if 2 is possible. What if Sara is Bob’s manager and she wants to help Bob in this way?

Hi @Ashish_Agarwal,

The interpretation would be organizationally dependent, but I do believe that if I saw 15 minutes logged by Sarah on Bob’s task my automatic assumption would be that she worked on his task with him.

For scenario 2, there currently isn’t a way to log time for another person in Asana. Everyone needs to log their own time.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the reply. I think we’ll go with interpretation 1. That does seem to be how most people are thinking of it.

I do feel like this should be dictated by Asana. They should decide what the intended interpretation is and tell us.