How to add Asana templates available on Website directly to my template library?

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I came across several different examples of templates on Asana’s website, but for some reason, I don’t see any button to use those templates for a new project of mine. I often try to search the template library while attempting to create a project using an existing template provided by Asana, but I can never find the ones I see on Asana’s website to use. Is there a way to do so? We currently have Asana Premium in our organisation. Here’s the template I want to copy and paste to instantly start using it: Free Implementation Plan Template to Achieve Business Goals [2023] • Asana

Any help would be much appreciated.

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When you create a new project from a template, three templates with “Goals” in the title are found under Cross-Team Planning, including the two shown below:

If one of those isn’t the one you’re looking for, you could create a project from the website link, then Project actions > Save as template so it’s available in your org if you like. That’s the best you can do.



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So, when you mention creating a project from the website link, are you talking about starting from scratch? Because if that’s the case, I’ve thought about it, but when I looked at the template on the website, I couldn’t see all the dropdown info, so I’m not sure I can recreate it exactly. If I’ve misunderstood what you meant, sorry about that!

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Actually, I just clicked on the link you provided in the OP and if you scroll down, there’s a Create your template button:

If I click on it, it drops me into the correct project template in my Asana, so that one exists, for me at least.

In general, I thought you were describing certain places, like in Asana classes, where they provide a link that directly creates a project in your Asana environment. I thought that’s what you meant, and was describing how you could then convert that project to a template for your org (not manually).

To be honest with you, I tried clicking on the ‘Create your template’ button, but it only redirects me back to the project template library, prompting me to choose from one of the default options available, similar to the screenshot you initially shared with me. This seems odd and counter-intuitive. Why wouldn’t the template be available for a premium user when it’s advertised as free on Asana’s website? That’s sad though.

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Try these troubleshooting steps, then please create a support ticket: see How to contact our Support Team.

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I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps and submitted a support ticket.

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Just heard back from the support team the following: ‘I would like to confirm that the templates you mentioned are no longer up to date. However, it has not been removed from our Guide articles yet to provide you with information and a guide on how to create one. At present, only the templates available in the Template Gallery are the ones that can be used.

I guess this end the mystery of why I couldn’t find it, although it does not solve my problem.

Thanks a lot for your support, Larry.

Wishing you all the best.


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