How do you quickly save task to process later? (Collect task / Inbox List in GTD)

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I am trying to figure out a way of collecting task quickly into the “in list”, that is where you capture ideas and tasks as they occur to you. This can be your boss telling you to bake her a carrot cake, or seeing a poster for a circus you want to see. The barrier for adding something to your the “in list” should be as low as possible.

I have been using asana for collaborative projects for a while. But I am trying to use now as my personal task manager. In the other app, I was using as a task manager I could save task into the “in list” from a quick shortcut in windows straight away or one click on my phone. I haven’t figure out how to do that in ASANA. I did install the chrome extension but I can´t (or I don´t know how) to configure it to save the task straight away to a certain list that I can also set up my phone asana app to do it in 1 click and keep working.

If I have to spend a few clicks/seconds for saving every task/idea/info I end up not writing them down and forgetting them… At the moment I am doing that in a separated app, but it is so inconvenient.

Any help, ideas or workflow for that it would be tremendously helpful.

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On the iOS app, you can hard push the app icon and there is a shortcut to add a task. You can also email tasks to specific projects? Would that work for you?

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Thanks Bastien for your message but the problem is that the IOS app, as far as I know, doesnt let you choose a default list to add the task, so you need to choose manually the list (in list) so is not a 1 sec mission. And sending an email to add a task is not either a 1 click method. Thank you very much for your suggestions though I really appreciate it

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I am also using Asana for both work and personal. All new tasks appear in “New tasks” of My Tasks, and then I regularly prioritize, sort or delete tasks there. Your issue here is that you want to keep the two (work and perso) separated right?

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Thanks again. I have 2 workspaces with 2 different teams and “Personal Projects”. I would like to collect my “in list” task in a private area and later when I process them I will move them where they belong. If there is a personal/professional task that I don´t have to share with any of the team workspaces go to “Personal Projects”. If there is a task for one of the team prokects it will end up there…

You should know that once a task is inside one of the workspaces (or Personal) it can’t be moved elsewhere.

So you basically need two “tools”, each of one allowing you to type in a task name to create a task inside their “default” location?

I think that is my main problem “once a task is inside one of the workspaces (or Personal) it can’t be moved elsewhere”. It doesn’t make sense. Anyway with your suggestions I am going to try My task (Personal Projects) as my “in list” and see how my workflow works from there. Copy pasting manually (Ctrl V - Ctrl P) to move the task in my “in list” to the right workspace when I process the list. It´s not perfect but is better than what I have at the moment.

I need a very easy / quick method to save the task into my “in list” and that works. Now my problem will be processing… But… :wink:

Bastien, thanks for your help!

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I second the Email Tasks to Projects option from @Bastien_Siebman. I have three main “in” projects that I email tasks to - one in my personal workspace and two with two separate teams in the company workspace.

This way, I can just forward emails or shoot emails off to one of my three “in” projects with only minimal processing - It is always very obvious which of the three any given task belongs in and can be processed later.

For workflow - it’s as simple as having saved each of the project email addresses into my contact list with a nickname. Easy peasy.

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Thanks Laura, I am trying to adapt but everything that involves more than 1 click for something that I do 50-75 times day… I will consider it, sure thing.

I use to create new tasks in a particular project (the “action”) simply by saying to Google Assistant “Task to self <task title>” (the “trigger”). You could have several of these rules set up each going to a different project for direct additions to any one.

If you don’t want to use the voice interface, just choose another “trigger” in IFTTT and apply the same action.

Re Personal Projects (I think I recall that these may be deprecated at some point) and Workspaces, I feel Organizations offer the most flexibility with Teams. If you will be sharing/moving tasks to other Projects, this should all occur within the same Organization or Workspace; any other approaches will be more time-consuming. My Tasks are private to you unless you manually make them otherwise. Private-to-you Projects are also an option. So those options offer you basic privacy within another’s Workspace or Organization.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks @lpb, @JUAN_SERANTES Stay away from personal projects: [Asana] Stay away from Personal Projects | by Bastien Siebman | Asana / minimalist work | Medium