How do the staff at Asana schedule their meetings with a lot of attendees?

I’m curious how staff who work at Asana schedule meetings with a lot of people? I’m not talking a 1:1 because you can send a direct message in Asana.

I’m talking multiple staff from different teams who don’t share a project – how do you schedule either a one-off meeting or recurring meetings with a large group of people?

How do you do this without using email or Doodle Poll? Do you have a conversation in a task or in the messaging section of a new project dedicated to just scheduling the meeting?

Hi @Maria_Rincon, great question! I can speak for the Community team who are spread all across the globe: San Francisco, Dublin, London, Sydney and Tokyo.

You’re right - we don’t use email! Usually, one person will be tasked with creating a meeting in gCal that tries to suit all attendees. With the large team spread across different timezones, this is hard to do. If someone can’t attend a meeting, we usually record it so they can be caught up and continue the conversation in a task.

We also utilise the video messaging feature to provide any info we can before the meeting, if we’re not going to be able to attend.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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