How do I exclude template deadlines from showing in My Tasks?

I created a templated project, with Owners and Dates that we plan to use for each new recurring project we have.

Problem is that these all show up under “My tasks”. How do I get rid of these built-for-template-only tasks?

Aside from not having dynamic deadlines for tasks (like n+1, n+3 where n is the date project is created) this is making Asana pretty unusable for us :confused:


Great question, @Chris_Marin. There is no way to remove these from My Tasks altogether if you want them to remain assigned to you, and we recommend putting these into your “Later” priority section where they will be out of sight. You can see more about the priority sections here.

We know this isn’t a permanent solution, and we’re capturing feedback like this about templates for the Product team. And hopefully this could provide a solution in the interim.


Is there any timeframe on when assigned tasks in TEMPLATES will stop showing up in the individuals MY TASKS area? We currently have 40 users, 10 - 15 project templates and each project might have 150 + tasks spanning over a 12 month period. It seems like a very simple fix and would solve a lot of headaches for paying users if when a project is set as a “template” then the assignee for the task would not see that assigned task until the template was copied and set as a Project.
Expecting the team to go through and “set for later” is a quick fix solution that I would expect on a basic free project management tool. Not on something like Asana…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, please, another vote for this. It’s ridiculous that there is no way to separate Templates from real projects.


I absolutely LOVE seeing ALL of my template project tasks, right there alongside my ACTUAL tasks!

…said no one, ever. :thinking:

It’s as though the dev and/or marketing teams wanted to “say” templates existed, without investing the time needed to create a separate template library and/or other features already mentioned. Without that, this is merely an ability to clone existing open projects - not a “template.”

Asana should call it what it really is, or put the work into making it what you call it… because, in it’s current context, the word template is a blatant misrepresentation.

This aside, my company is a paying org and we love how easy it is to navigate the system. The simplicity is great and is helping in a lot of ways vs tasking in our primary CRM… until we run into issues like this.

Please complete the project you started, soon. Until then, I am forced to delete the template I just created and tell my staff that usable, functioning templates don’t ACTUALLY exist in Asana.


It’s been two years…doesn’t seem like this is fixed yet? I still see TEMPLATE tasks showing up in My Tasks and the Template project shows up in the list of Team projects. I don’t want to SEE templates…I want them there when I create a new project to save me time. Right now, this is just annoying and I can’t use them how they were probably intended.


It’s 2020 and this is still a problem. Hoping for an update to change this very soon.


This really needs to be a function. Does anyone with Asana actually review this? It really makes me question why I am paying for the service if I could just create a blank project and duplicate it.

@Cassidy_Chau please be sure to upvote this request, Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically. It is one of the more popular requests and I’m confident the moderators are making sure the community voice is heard. My Tasks is being revamped so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, this out:

Another vote for this feature.

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Another upvote.

PLEASE work on this for us!

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Thanks for your feedback, @Jen_Hanson! We hope to have news about this request soon, stay tune for updates in the main thread: