How do I create a task in a section of a project using the java Library

I want to create a task inside a section of a project.

Therefore I need a few things:

  • A way to get the id of the section
    • I can’t find it on the UI (projectIds and taskIds for example can be seen in the URL)
    • There is an endpoint to get sections of a project and the java lib example seems to support this see
      • Unfortunately my com.asana.Client doesn’t seem to have a sections member see [1] :thinking: (using the latest java release 10.1)
  • A way to assign a task to a section
    • Creating a task in a section as described here has the same problem for me - I don’t seem to have the sections member in the Client

Checking the github source code for the java client - it also doesn’t have a section member see
There is a ProjectMemberships member but this only gives you read options as far as I can tell.


Any help would be very much appreciated,
Best Regards
Ronald Findling