How can i fetch projects section tasks of current week

How can i fetch projects section tasks of current week

Please help i want to fetch all the task of my project section of current week only but i didn’t able to find any think how do i fetch the task from the current week

I think you might want to use one of these two endpoints:

If you can’t completely filter to exactly the tasks of interest, then you’ll need to iterate through the returned tasks inspecting each one.

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@lpb I checked the both endpoints but i didn’t find any filter option were we can find the task of the current week

what options i found

  1. created at
  2. modified at
  3. completed at
  4. due at

but i didn’t think these options give me the exact current week task data

because i see in the asana dashboard there is the filter were we can filter task on the basis of week i didn’t able to find out if you will help me in this then i will be very thankful to you.


Yes, you’re correct, the Dashboard makes this easier than when using the API.

When using the API, the code you write that calls the endpoint will need to determine the start and end of the current week and either use those as filters if permitted to supply them to the endpoint, or use as your own logical filter applied to the results to determine if a result task meets the test of this week or not.




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