Hour Estimates for a task

I think it would be especially advantageous for asana to add an hours features to tasks. For example, the person who assigns the project can type in the estimated hours the task should take and/or the assignee can. Then asana can track the amount of hours of work that person has per week. This will help assignees and assigners track hours for the week and notice any potential availability among staff. In addition, there could be an added feature where if someone tries to assign an additional task to someone that has already met their weekly hour quota (e.g. 40 hours), asana alerts the assigner that the task cannot be completed by the assignee without modification to their other workload.

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Hi @Alex_Cohen

You could vote for this one (it’s already up to 7):


I do this currently with custom fields for estimated time! =)


What could be great is also having a start and end time so it blocks a work session in the calendar. Notification would need to appear at start time to make sure you actually start working on this…

Same thing with the start and end date… It would be more efficient if the notification would appear on the first day… and maybe on the last as well?

I love Asana!



I do this too but would love it if somehow the numbers could be added

For example: On a project with many tasks, each task has it’s estimated hours – I’d like to see the total hours added up


@Cristi_Jayo, You can do this using multi-select. See:

and scroll down a bit to the Costing section.


Wow didn’t know you could do that. Thanks!!

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Anyone know a way to assign a portion of an hour to a task? I want to use .5, but Asana will only allow whole numbers.

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Asana Time Tracking is now possible: New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱
Estimated Time can be added via a custom field.