Having Trouble Including Browser JS Client Library from API in Github

I have been trying to include the Javascript version of the Asana API by including the file by browser, however, I have been getting an error not found or 404 every which way I try it.

Using the suggested code from Github:

<script src="https://github.com/Asana/node-asana/releases/download/<LATEST_RELEASE>/asana-min.js"></script>

I made

<script src="https://github.com/Asana/node-asana/releases/download/v0.18.11/asana-min.js"></script>

How can I get the script for the client library to be included into an asp app?

You are right, it does not work indeed…

@Kem_Ozbek maybe you can help?

I was just curious, are there any updates at all about using the JS Client Library?

Not that I know of, and @Kem_Ozbek did not answer, here or elsewhere, yet.

Hi @Xavier_Gschwind ,

Thank you for bringing this up. We have determined what is causing this and have added it to our roadmap for the next couple of months. We will let you know once we have a fix out.

In the mean time, you can build our latest releases locally and include this into your project with browserify. Instructions:

  1. npm install -g browserify
  2. In the node-asana project root directory run browserify index.js -o asana.js
  3. Step 2 will generate an asana.js file which you can include into your asp app

Sweet thanks John!

@Xavier_Gschwind We have implemented the fix for this in v0.18.14 of the node-asana client library. You should be able to get the script using:

Suggested code from Github:

<script src="https://github.com/Asana/node-asana/releases/download/<LATEST_RELEASE>/asana-min.js"></script>

Which will be:

<script src="https://github.com/Asana/node-asana/releases/download/v0.18.14/asana-min.js"></script>