Filter requests based on create date


Based on my research on the forums there is currently not a feature in the API to query all tasks based on “create_date”. This is an important feature because I would only like to fetch the changes on a day to day basis, instead of a doing a full export and filter the tasks client side which is the current work around, or alternatively delete tasks in Asana (which my team wants to avoid). My team’s 1 year anniversary with Asana is coming up next week and I’ve been noticing our nightly export is taking much longer because of the accumulation of tasks over the year.

Has there been any updates on this feature or is it at the least on the roadmap?


If you’re using a paid account, you can use the “search api”, and query for all tasks modified or created since date xxx, as described here

GET /workspaces/XYZ/tasks/search?modified_at.after=2020-02-09T16:35:00Z
GET /workspaces/XYZ/tasks/search?created_at.after=2020-02-09T16:35:00Z

You need to do some special code for paging, as it’s not working like all other endpoint (with offset). The suggested method is to query results by date_created, then query for the next page created after (last item of the previous page).

Thanks Frederic. It looks like it can be done via the search API based on your response.

However I am using the python wrapper and I am using the find_by_project function specifically:

I am not sure how I would pass “created_at.after” into this function? Thanks in advance for any insight!

Look at search_in_workspace function