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if a project is designated as a template, I’d love for the templated tasks to not show up as real assignments (until the template is used to create a project, of course). As I was building our team template, I would sometimes create test projects, and I would see both the test projects’ tasks in My Tasks, and the template’s tasks. I didn’t realize the task was a part of the template, mark it complete, and then everyone was confused and we’d create a real project from that template, and their tasks were marked as complete when we hadn’t started yet. My work-around is I “backdated” the tasks in the template to a time before we started using Asana, but it seems like if it’s a part of a template, Asana should know not to put them in the assignee’s list of things to do. I’d like to request that tasks in a project template not be visible as a task so as to reduce confusion for the team.

Hi @Amanda_F,

Yes, this is well-known issue; you can add your vote to change it here:

(I suspect the forum moderators will merge your post into that one.)

Also, please see item F4 in the following post - it provides a number of workaround ideas for this limitation that you might want to make use of:

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thanks. I don’t know how to ‘vote’ but I replied to that first thread and added my workaround: moving the template dates to a time before we started using Asana. it still works out fine when I create the template since I’m picking my start date… all the dates fall in line with no problem.

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Oh, sorry for the confusion. To vote, scroll to the very top of that thread and click the purple “Vote” button:

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