Failed create webhooks

Good afternoon!

I have a problem when creating webhooks to track changes in a project across all tasks. Previously, everything worked correctly, but now it doesn’t.

I’m using the ASANA PHP SDK, sending a request to create a webhook. According to the logs, I see that ASANA makes a request to the target url, my system responds with code 200, but after that I get an “Invalid Request” error from ASANA.

I don’t know if it’s related to your issue but be aware that Asana has been having a lot of API-related outages especially over the last week or so; you can always check for a current status.

Good afternoon!

It was possible to track the occurrence of this error. Before that, when creating a webhook, I set the value of ‘resource_subtype’ to ‘default_task’. Everything worked fine. Now this leads to the above error. If you remove ‘resource_subtype’ when creating, then everything is created successfully. Please tell me if this behavior is normal and if there is a difference if I specified ‘resource_subtype’ or not.

@Ross_Grambo, do I recall you mentioned a recent change having to do with resource_subtype filtering? Could it be related to @Ivan_Katkov’s issue?

Yeah this sounds like it lines up with the resource_subtype change, however the functionality you’re describing is surprising to me. I’ll file it as a bug. It sounds like you’re unblocked @Ivan_Katkov by not including the subtype?

Yes, that’s right

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This bug also effects us, I’m able to create webhooks for milestones but not for tasks (default_task). I can omit the filter part when I’m establishing the webhook but I fear we may hit the api limits that way.