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Hello, I am trying to figure out how I can do similar functionality, like some other apps does. If we go to Project brief anf insert, for example, url to some youtube video it will be replaced by iframe. I want to do similar replacment for our external app, so when you paste a link to our app it get wrapped with iframe.
Any suggestions how I can do that?

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The technical name I believe is “unfurling”. And I believe Asana has to do that themselves, at least for now. Right @Phil_Seeman ?


I believe that’s right but frankly am not an expert on that aspect of web technology. @Aleksandr2 you might want to ask in this thread - it might be relevant to the upcoming enhancements they’re making in rich text:

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@Phil_Seeman @Aleksandr2 Asana Team, please provide an update or let us know if there is someone we can arrange a meeting with to discuss in more detail.


Including @Roman9

@Kem_Ozbek @AndrewWong would have to weigh in; I don’t work for Asana and unfortunately don’t know the answer.