Expanding/Collapsing all subtasks in a project at once

Hello everyone

is it possible to collapse/expand all subtasks in a project at once? It would be great if there was a button to toggle between both views.



Currently this is not possible. But you can add your vote for that capability (which I also think would be great) here:


Thanks a lot!
Already done :slight_smile:

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any updates? Already over a year, would be nice to have this basic capability. At least to be able to save it in the current layout. Keeps closing despite saving it as default view.


Hi @anon71049785,

This capability has not been added to Asana as of now, sorry. (Note though that I’m just a volunteer and don’t work for Asana, so I don’t have any insight into any potential future product changes in this area.)

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+1 request for this feature.

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