Error when creating webhook with Ngrok in development

Hi everyone, I’m facing some problems using webhooks in development and I was using Ngrok to test my webhooks with Asana. This has been working for a long time, however in the past two days, it stopped. I’m getting the following error message when trying to create a webhook in Asana via Ngrok: “The remote server which is intended to receive the webhook responded with an incorrect status code: 404”. I read the forum and didn’t find anything that answered my question. As I had not been successful in solving this problem, I migrated from Ngrok to Serveo. As time went by I got the same webhook creation errors again, only now on Ngrok and Serveo. While I was again looking for information to solve this problem, Serveo returned to receive requests for creating a webhook without me making any changes to the code or any tool. Now I have Serveo receiving and creating webhooks and Ngrok does not.
I asked to a guy works with me, in the same local network, to try same requests, and for him, the Ngrok and Asana works normally. I would like to know why this is happening just in my machine.
There is Asana a kind of “temporary block” for new webhooks or something like that?