Error message when sending email to certain Asana addresses

Unfortunately, I can not create a new thread.

I get an error message (“this address doesn’t exist”) when I try to send an email to any address like

If I rename it without special characters like it works. :frowning:

Did you get that email from a project through the import menu?

I’m trying to create a message by sending an email to the project mail. (I found it in the message section).

But, I get the reply: Failed to create a task in Asana because the address you sent the email to is not recognized:

Where did you get this email? Project email usually look like this

Usually! But… here’s a screenshot from an my asana: — and me, if there are special characters or Cyrillic in the project name.

I forgot about this, this is indeed the address to create Messages (not tasks).

Last thing to check: make sure the email address you send it from is the right one attached to the right domain in your personal settings > From email.

Yes, the post address is there.

I noticed when this happens: Above I have sketched a screenshot of the project - everything is fine there and the message comes to the asana.

BUT, if there is a dot in the project name (using the site address as the project name) - the email comes back with an error. Here is a screenshot of the project where the error.

I moved the thread to the Bug category! Thanks for catching it.

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Hi @Anton and @Bastien_Siebman,

This is a known issue, but likely something that won’t be prioritised any time soon since it is rarely arising. The best workaround is to rename your project and remove any unsupported characters like “.”

I’ve pinged the bug open for this issue, and will keep you posted here when it’s prioritised and resolved!