Enable ability to delete project briefs

The new project brief feature is great, but in testing it, I realized there isn’t a way to delete an already created brief. This would be a great addition to the feature.

Thanks for creating this request, @pdmcdermott! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any news about this feature :raised_hands:

Hi! I was playing around with this and I discovered that you CAN delete if you type something on it and click on the three dots for options. See image below:

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@Emily_Roman, at least in one org I don’t have the Copy link or Delete project briefs menu items shown by @Jasline_Garcia above. Is this a test? partial release rolling out?



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Hi all and @lpb,

The option to delete project Brief has been rolled out to all our customers :tada: so I’m closing this thread out! Thanks for your feedback and patience while we worked on this fast follow-up!

@lpb, if you’re still missing this option in one of your space, can you please create a separate thread in #bugs so we can take a closer look into this for you?