Edit custom field values on existing task (+Postman)

Hi - I have been able to update this custom field (it’s ‘Assigned Hours’ for a task) using the interface here: https://developers.asana.com/reference/updatetask

That gave me this JSON - basically just PUT a numeric value:

How can I recreate this in Postman? I’ve tried tons of permutations without any luck


Hi @blueplanet,

Don’t try to send it in the query string parameters; send it in the body instead:


Ahh makes sense, thanks! I’m new to this, so quite a learning curve!


Thanks @Phil_Seeman - another side-question; would it be feasible to allocated hours as a % of effort, i.e. if I have 6.5 hours bookable and wanted a task to last the full period, could I specify “100%”?

No problem, ask any time here in the forum when you have a question, it’s an awesome community!

I’m afraid I don’t know that answer. It’s not specifically an API question, though, so you might post in in the #forum-en:tips section where more people will see it and can respond.