Duration for short subtasks- how to handle


I’m using a custom field for duration to help project plan. How do others handle very short task and sub tasks.

For example on a web project , we have a “setup analytics” section which has 8 items which should take around 30 min overall. Do I make each item .266 minutes? I tried to make the “setup analytics:” section total 0.5 but instagantt won’t recognize it as they see sections as a roll-up.

Thanks in advance - in our web projects we have things that take 5 min here and 10 min there and I’m not sure how to set the time estimate them all (or if I even should bother)



We try really hard not to assign or put dates to subtasks - particularly if we are putting a date range to the task. We find subtasks work best for us when utilized as a simple checklist of items within the main task!