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Hi all,

I would love to see a better inclusion of documentation workflow in tasks/subtasks. I produce software specification documents for our software development team. Our documentations (i.e. its clauses, sections, etc) are closely referenced to our tasks and subtasks. This is to ease references to business and solution requirements in our documentations.

Although it’s possible for us to attach documents stored on Google Drive, but to reference specification clauses and sections to their respective tasks is not quite intuitive (yes, we can mention clause numbering).

I had been a long time Asana user in another company I was in, and I love how Asana had grown, its UX, and everything makes sense. Recently in another project, we decided to try out ClickUp. I love how well integrated Docs and tasks/subtasks work together in ClickUp. Despite that, the team misses Asana’s UX a lot. It would be really great to have a similar Docs feature in Asana.

Some fundamental but crucial features if I may recommend for Asana:

  1. Markdown editing
  2. Highlight text in document to create a new task, which enables URL referencing between the task and its highlighted text
  3. Highlight text in document to start comment. This would be great for comments/discussion within a document
  4. Replying to comments in document’s highlighted text
  5. @mention a task/subtask in the document, which enables URL referencing between them
  6. Create new comments in document scope
  7. Replying to comments in document scope
  8. @mention a document’s titles/headers in another part of the document

Some nice to haves would be (which we don’t mind waiting a bit :grin: ):

  1. Collaborative editing
  2. Permission sharing
  3. Sharing by URL
  4. Export into other formats; i.e. PDF, HTML

I would be happy to hear other suggestions to achieve the same as above as well. Thanks, and looking forward to everyone’s reply and recommendations.

Hi @Marshal_Yung, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We always recommend having one thread in the #productfeedback category per request as it is easier to share updates and track feedback for each request :slight_smile:

I found existing threads for some of your requests, I recommend you to vote here:

  1. Feature request: Markdown - #186 by rodrigo-davies
  2. We recently launch this option in the new Project Brief in the Overview tab in your project! You can highlight text and create new tasks
  3. Create a task from a comment / with dependency option
  4. We don’t have a thread on this topic, I recommend you creating a new one so other customers can support this request!

For points 4, 6,7 and 8 and the nice to have requests, I believe these are already possible within the document if you use Google docs for example.

I hope this helps! and please feel free to DM me or create a new thread in the #tipsandtricks category if you have any questions!

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