Detailed Task Infos of projects via API

hi guys,

i’m quite new to this, so please forgive me if i’m not understanding right away. :wink:

i would like to load project infos into my dashboarding tool “klipfolio”.
my problem is, that with this call i only get rudimentary infos of the project
-> Task ID; Task-Name, Ressource-Type.

When I use the task-ids of the first call I am getting more details, but I would need to loop every task-id in order to get all the details: (-> Name, Created at, assignee, etc.)

The problem now is, that I’ve project which have too many tasks for the functions in klipfolio to loop over every item. I would generate a time out.

So I am looking for an api-call directly from asana, which could provide me with the necesarry infos, without needing to loop.

thank you very much for your help

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Hi :wave:

You can use parameters to ask for specific fields, example there Export JSON format including stories

Does it help?

Hi Bastien,

thank’s for your help and sorry for the late reply - busy days.

Unfortunately I don’t realy understand how the post you’ve linked can help me.
How should I change the request?

Thank you!!
Cheers, christian

By default, endpoints only give you a few fields. You need to specifically ask for what you want, using opt_fields=assignee for example on a task. Does it help?

Hi Bastien,
thank you so much for your help.
So the http request should be like this?<project_id>/tasks/opt_fields=assignee

I’m sorry, but I’m no developer and trying to understand how everything works. :innocent:

cheers, christian

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I believe so yes. Did you try it?

yes it works!
thank you for your help.

however you’ll have to put a “?” before the opt-fields

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