Custom workflows and Custom Status'

With my former system I had created a library of workflows and these workflows had different “custom” status for each section: Active, Completed, Deferred, Canceled. In Asana, (as I’ve imported these projects over), I can see my column for “Workflow” and I see my column for “Custom Status” - but when I click on that drop-down menu for Custom Status, it usually only has one status because the rest of the status’ have not been used for that task yet. Will I have to create a list of status’ to choose from for every one of my projects? (I have hundreds). I also have about 10 different workflows (depending on the team that’s doing the work), and within those workflows, up to about 30 status’.


Please have a look at Creating a custom field that is reusable across your organization to address some of what you mentioned.

You may also benefit from the Workflow tab depending on the details of your needs, which I find are best served with an interactive approach (I and others here help clients with workflow design).