Custom Field ID's for Zap Lookup Table

I am trying to create a look up table in Zapier however I need the custom ID fields within each of my projects. How can I find this? I am not a developer and I do not have any experience with code or API.

Sorry, a slight error in my original post. I am wanting the ID’s for my custom field selections i.e. Resort Custom Field has The Lofts, Turangi Leisure Lodge etc.

Hi Emma,

You should be able to get those without any coding by using the API Explorer.

First you’ll need the workspace ID of your workspace or organization. Use this request to get that ID:

Then use this request to get all of the custom fields in that workspace:


For each custom field that is an enum type (i.e. a dropdown list), you should see a set of enum_options - those are the dropdown list values that I think you’re looking for. You’ll see the ID for each of those listed.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above.


I could also add this feature to if you need

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Thanks everyone, I have managed to find what I was looking for using API however it is quite hard to read it if you are not familiar with it

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