Create New Webhook...Admin?

Hello, all!

I’m still having a hard time finding where exactly in the Asana admin you navigate to in order to create a new webhook that will publish changes to a particular resource – I’ve got my destination URL (an endpoint in Zapier) but can’t seem to find where in Asana I enter that endpoint.

For reference, I’m looking for something similar to this interface in Discourse (I’m using that as example, since that’s what is powering these forums)

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @Shawn_Holmes and welcome to the forum!

There is no UI in Asana where you’re able to create a new webhook; it has to be done via writing code.

You can write the necessary code yourself, using the info here:

Or if you’re able to, you can use one of the existing Asana client SDK libraries which will save you having to write some of the details.