Create follow-up task



It often happens to me that I would like to make a follow up task to a finished task. The task should than show related previously finished tasks and related documents.


You can mark the new task as dependent on the finished task and then you are a click away from the finished task. Would that work for you?


that is a work-around to get to the task that has the attachment that I need. But what I’d like would be the relationship the other way around. Does that make sense?


Not quite but it is probably due to my English level. Can you make a dummy example with fake names?


You can @mention a task. Doing so you’ll have a direct link to your finished task with the documents.


yes, that’s what I’m currently doing.


But you need an extra click, that is your issue right?


Does this help?

  • Click your avatar
  • Click My Profile Settings menu item
  • Click Hacks tab
  • Turn on:
    Follow-up Tasks from Right Pane
    Add a Create Follow-up Task option to the right pane’s action menu. Clicking it creates a task reminding you to follow-up.

Private notes or tags on a shared task

Thanks I was looking for this but could not find it :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I use and it’s incredible - @Floris_Assies perhaps if that’s not what you had in mind (it auto creates a task with the hyperlink to the task) you could explain a bit more about what you need in this follow-up task and how you see workflow happening once a task is completed? I’m a bit confused.


I agree with @lpb! Enabling the “Follow-up task” feature ( is probably the easiest thing to do!


thanks for all your comments. @lpb suggestion is exactly what I wanted. Great stuff!