Conditional Logic for Tasks (If Then)


Be able to establish conditional logic to tasks. For example:

We need our customer care folks to address a concern from a client. The first step is to call them to resolve the issue. If they don’t respond, then email to set up a phone call. If they don’t respond to a phone call, written letter outlining our steps.

If they do respond to the call and the issue is resolved, then steps 2 and 3 are mute.

If they don’t respond they progress down the chain.

So it would look like this:

Phone Task: Was customer phone call completed? IF YES Then go to Resolution Task IF NO, then go to email Task

Email Task: Did customer schedule a time to call? IF YES, then go to phone task IF NO, then go to mail task

Mail Task: Send customer letter outlining steps to resolve issue, provide phone number to call to resolve.

The same logic would apply to the “RESOLVE” task. Was the issue resolved? Yes, project complete. No, send to next step.


This is exactly what I would need as well: I will have team members with a daily task to check certain websites for new information. IF they find something new, this triggers a new task for an analyst to read, analyse, and draft a news-item.
The suggested conditional logic for tasks would provide me exactly that functionality.


Conditional logic for tasking would be a great tool. For example, we have several projects that repeat and need a series of tasks if the product for that project changes from the previous iteration. We currently work around Asana’s shortcomings in this department by copying along all the tasks the project needs and then editing them based on if any changes to the product will be made. Unfortunately this adds a lot of work where if conditional logic was applied, the task could be written out once and manual intervention would no longer be needed to manage the changes (if needed).