Comments in stories missing html_text for New Fast API


It appears the Asana-Fast-Api is missing the “html_text” property in Stories, which is especially needed for comment type. I’m having to use the old API to get this, but I much prefer the new fast API, so could the Asana team please add “html_text” to the returned stories payload on the Fast API?


@Matt_Bramlage — Is this in the works for the new API?


Hmm, you appear to be right. Taking a look at our backlog reveals that there is work planned to implement this, so hopefully it will come back soon. In the meantime, if you either specify the old API by setting “Asana-Fast-Api: false” or don’t specify the header at all you should at least be able to not be broken until it comes out. (It’s only when explicitly specifying the header that you should see the response without html_text).