Chat Feature Request

Ok that was really really helpful. Thanks!

@Marie thanks for the tip but slack is quite pricey. Any free alternatives?

Hi @CM1 and welcome to the Forum! I would recommend checking this list of integration: Hope this helps!

Would love this feature! Such a critical tool to incorporate!

I am going to chime in and reiterate that this is a HUGE need. Slack is an alternative but at a totally separate 12.50 a month per user, it is pricey. Conversations are just not robust enough to meet the need of most companies.

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Ad CHAT for Asana.


Please add CHAT in Asana!
I have to use Hangouts because Asana dont have a similar chat, i hate this.

Please! CHAT in Asana! :+1::+1:

Asana please can you take note and integrate Chat box for your customers… we are on Enterprise version and companies like ours with certain infrastructures aren’t allowed to use Slack or use Microsoft Teams. So this would help in centralising in the long run :slight_smile:

These are essentially comments. Not actual live chat.