[Change] Upcoming changes to project privacy settings

Beauty thanks guys, ill give it a crack Phil :+1:

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Got the same fail message here, suddenly our automation stopped working because of this. We work with Zoho Flow, and it worked fine before. Is there any way it can be rolled back? We don’t have any experience with API / programming. Zoho Flow is just a interactive flowchart kinda tool.

We told asana a few days ago about the Microsoft integration, and they reached out to them. I’ll let them know about Zoho as well. You need to go around and make direct API calls I am afraid…

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Received this error email from our Salesforce automation

Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: 005f2000009DRzi/00Df2000000DMKr

Organization: Bible League Canada (blc.my.salesforce.com).

Failed to invoke future method ‘public static void createCustom(Map<String,String>)’ on class ‘AsanaPublic.AsanaProject’ for job id ‘707JQ00000n84BW’

caused by: AsanaPublic.AsanaProject.ProjectCreationException: Cannot create Project. Error:(You cannot pass the public field while opting-in for the privacy_setting feature.)

Class.AsanaPublic.AsanaProject.createCustom: line 718, column 1

Wondering if anyone has been successful in solving this with Salesforce or are we in a similar boat as Microsoft Integration users where we may be waiting on Salesforce to make changes. This is definitely a bit outside of my wheelhouse so happy to reach out to Salesforce Support if that is the best path forward.

@David_Rowaan - from your error message (and assuming you are using some kind of Salesforce automation tool), I think you’ll need to contact them, as that error message suggests that the call they’re making on your behalf is not set up correctly (due to these permission changes, presumably).

Yes, afraid you are. As @Stephen_Li says, you should reach out to Salesforce and let them know that Asana has removed the public property from their Project object, so Salesforce needs to update their Asana API calls so as to remove that property from them.

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What is the current plan for the private_to_team value? Is it still scheduled to be deprecated as mentioned in an earlier post by @John_Baldo? If so, when will this deprecation occur?