Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'instance') on node-asana Asana.ApiClient.instance

Good day, I’m having issues using the node-asana package. As per the API documentation, I get the client instance as follows…

  const Asana = require('asana');
   const defaultClient = Asana.ApiClient.instance;

However, I keep getting the error
TypeErrorCannot read properties of undefined (reading 'instance')

Can someone please assist?

@Bastien_Siebman maybe you can be of help here?

The lib might come with a typing lib as well which is not loaded properly. It goes beyond my skills. I have a call with Asana dev tomorrow I’ll ask.

I’m having the same issue, was a solution found?

After some digging into npm, I discovered that the module at asana (asana - npm) appears to be the deprecated sdk. When I installed the module at asana-preview (asana-preview - npm) the example code functioned.