Can I use batch method on python client for asana?


How can I use batch method on python client?


If the library has not been updated recently, you won’t have access to the feature. You might need to look at the documentation yourself. In the Node source code there is a wrapper you can use to cover any un-coded feature with the right parameters. I don’t know if that exist in the python library.

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Apologies for bumping an old thread but @Bastien_Siebman, could you show how to use Batch API on Node Client? I was looking to make separate API calls utilizing something like Axios but it would be great to make Batch API work within the Node Client functionality.


Here some of my code to use an unsupported endpoint, like dealing with sections. Hope that helps.

        this.client = Asana.Client.create([...]);`/projects/${}/sections`, payload)
            .then((section: any) => {
            }, (err: RequestError) => {


Thank you! client.dispatcher worked like a charm to create Batch API wrapper. Now I am on to the code to solve pagination process!


That is wonderful news!