Can i retrieve an accidentally deleted form?

Whilst completing a pre-recorded training session with Asana, i accidentally deleted my fully made form (that took me months to make) and i cannot get onto Asana support to let me know if i can retrieve it? I urgently need to get it back up as its a Marketing Brief form, used by my company of over 2000 people. I’ve waited days for a response from customer support, and when i was convinced to buy Asana, i was promised Customer Support was swift and within a day or two. This has NOT been my experience, and its very frustrating. There’s no chat for me to speak to someone personally either, and no number to call. Please help me, i’m starting to pannick!

Welcome, @Erika_Moreno, and sorry to hear this.

@Marie, is there any chance you can escalate?




Hi @Erika_Moreno, I’ve sent a note to our support team, they will be in touch soon. Could you please let me know the name of the project your form what attached to and the name of the team your project is located in. This will help speed up the process.


Thanks Marie, Vanessa has contacted me.
The form name is MARKETING BRIEF, and the project is Log in - Asana (Marketing Inbox).
The team it is located in is called: Marketing & Brand Team

I hope it works, thanks again,

@Marie - just answered, forgot to tag you, so tagging this instead, but my reply is above this message…

Thanks @Erika_Moreno, from what I see our support team was able to recover your form, so closing this thread out :slight_smile:

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