Best method for client portal

I am confused and will really appreciate any advice. I run a management consulting firm with 3 employees. My use case is to:
Build a client portal with a landing page for each client
Have all clients roll up into one dashboard
We may have 3-4 working groups in each client so I am thinking they would be separate projects or boards.
Have a central thread where all client communications roll up into one message center for clients and our firm.

My confusion is what licence to buy and which is the best format? Would each client be a Portfolio, a Team or a Project? A sticking point is I want to see all of my messages from clients in one place. I also want each client to see all of there messages in one place. I dont see away to do that in a board unless you us an integration like Slack . I am hoping their experience would be one landing page with their projects to do’s, links in messages on one page or tab. Too big a learning curve. It would not do us much good if we are just replicating Teams which is organized in tabs. Thanks for your help.

HI @Marc_Emmer Welcome to the Forum.

There is no hard and fast rule on how this can be set up. I would personally say from my experience working with people who need this set up. I would do Teams for clients - then you have the security aspect of client teams being private from one another AND you and whomever needs to can be a part of all Client Teams. Each team has a messaging tab within the team page and you can message from the inbox. Essentially the team homepage is the landing page with all the projects inside it. You can then set up your own portfolios to manage all the projects.