Barcode Scan to Track Status of Task

Hello all. I am the first production scheduler at my place of employment. I am totally new to Asana and am trying to develop a way that not only I can track at what point a work order/task is at but our sales reps can see it as well.

I have a project set up as a board, with sections for each area of production for our items. I.e. “Glass Engraving”, “Screen Print”, “Pad Print”, etc.

Each task in a section is a work order. I have created a customized field on tasks with a drop down where you can select at what point in the production process the work order is in. “Picked” “Unpacked” “Customization In Progress” “Customization Complete” and “Shipped”.

Right now I am manually having to go out and update the status on orders throughout the day while we are testing this out. But that takes a lot of time out of my day.

However, I’d like to get to the point where we can use a scan gun and scan the barcode on our work order sheets and automatically update the status based on which station it is at.
Is there an integration we can use to do this?

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A visual of how I’ve got it set up.

Orcascan is the only thing I have found that associates tasks with barcodes. If Asana had an Orcascan plugin, I would absolutely pay for it. As it doesn’t, I haven’t used Orcascan yet. I am still hunting.