Attaching certain external images from URL, not rendering a thumbnail

I am using a 3rd party API to obtain avatar/profile images of leads based on their email address. The API returns images URLs such as:

The trouble is, Asana isn’t recognizing some of those URLs as actual images. So when I attach the file (currently via Zapier), it doesn’t show any preview/thumbnail.

Is there a way to tell Asana that the image is a certain file format so that it can render it properly? For each of those URLs, a normal browser is able to recognize them as an image, displays the image, and allows for right-click to save the image. Yet, Asana doesn’t attach it as a true image (except for the Google one, which it does correctly).

I’m not sure if I could somehow make use of “Rich Text” to add it as a comment with <img> tags somehow (though, I think that still relies on using the attachment API).

Or if there’s a way to use the existing “Upload an attachment” API method (which I assume is what Zapier uses), whilst first informing Asana of a specific MIME type.

That’s a very good question, I believe I have seen a thread on the topic, but never saw an answer. @Phil_Seeman any idea? Maybe it has to do with a wrong header on the image file?

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Sorry, guys, attachments are one of the parts of the Asana API I’ve not worked with, so I’m no help here.