Asana slow as molasses ever since Firefox Quantum was released


Ever since Firefox moved to their new “Quantum” engine, Asana has run incredibly slowly for me.

I greatly prefer Firefox to Chrome, but this is very frustrating. I ran a performance profile in each and performed the same task – dragged three tasks under various custom headings – and Firefox takes three times longer rendering and twice as long executing scripts.

I have JSON files for these performance profiles, but I don’t see any way to attach them to this thread. If there is a way to share those, please let me know. Before you blame poor PC performance overall, I’m using a Xeon E5-2687W workstation with 64gb RAM, and hardware acceleration enabled for rendering.

Otherwise, are there any other Firefox users on a Quantum build (version >= 57)experiencing these same issues?


Forgot to mention, this occurs on a completely fresh install of Firefox, as well. I cannot isolate it to any addon.


@Mark_Kindy, I’m seeing the same thing; bad enough where I’m running an instance of Chrome just for Asana. I also strongly prefer Firefox, and I’m not seeing this slowness with any other websites.


I didn’t see any particular announcement or patch notes that addressed this issue, but in the last week or so, it’s been running much faster and more smoothly. Assuming someone at Asana fixed it up – thanks!