asana scim 2.0 endpoint

Hey all,
I need to know what’s the SCIM 2.0 endpoint url.

Hi @Khalil_Gahbiche and welcome to the forum,

See here for details: Asana

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Hi @Phil_Seeman ,
Thank you for your quick reply.
Can you tell me which version of SCIM it is ?
To be more precise, we’re planning to integrate Asana with SailPoint IdentityNow (our IAM solution). IdentityNow is requiring a SCIM 1.1 or 2.0 connection. I’m using a service account API Token and, for both of them, connection is failing.

It finally worked. I’ve used “” as SCIM 2.0 url and service account API token.
Thanks @Phil_Seeman for your help.

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