Asana Node.JS Query help

Good day,

I’ve just started playing with the Asana API using JS

I’ve got the basic call to work
.then(function(me) {
    // Print out your information
    console.log('Hello Asana! ' + 'My name is ' + + ' and my primary Asana workspace is ' + me.workspaces[0].name + '.');

How would I get all tasks and subtasks for a specific project, and added bonus would be to include the custom fields of the main task. No stories required.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Did you have look at Build an app with Asana ?


How would I do this call: “

But by using the node.js Asana library

Hey Mihow,

Check the asana node library

You will need the findByProject method.

Study hard the documentation. I will test you later :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy exploring and have fun.