Asana Authentication Problem

Hello everyone! I been working on an asana app this last month, using Oauth authentication(token) from client side using node-asana library. So far I make it work, the redirect workflow has some tricks but I could connect to Asana and use it. Now the problem is that Oauth is deprecating the token return type due some improvements on the security workflow. I had and old app in Asana so the response_type “token” stills works, but not for the new apps (this old one is a dev version). I tried go deep into the node library and it seams that I can change the flow type, but the ones that work on the client side only use “Token” as a response type. I know that I have to change to OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant flow, but i don’t find a way to do it in the node-Asana lib. I will try to implement using the rest api and once I get the token exchange, use it within the library. But should be an easy way to this because Oauth will be deprecated the Implicit Grant very soon.