Asana authentication issue

We have an integration platform and one of our users is facing an issue with authenticating his Asana account. Our team checked the logs and it seems like he has added 438 connections for the same Asana account on our platform. Hence, our team would like some help with the following queries to resolve this issue -

  1. When does the refresh token expire?

  2. How many refresh tokens or access tokens are issued to a single user at a time?

  3. Is there any expiry for access token and refresh tokens if a certain number of access tokens or refresh tokens are surpassed. Is there expiry of old tokens if new access token or new refresh token are allotted?

  4. We have a user having 438 access token or refresh token for the same user he occasionally gets the following message when this message comes.

- Error Message:- The bearer token has expired. If you have a refresh token, please use it to request a new bearer token, otherwise allow the user to re-authenticate

Could you please share the solutions to these queries?

Hi Team,

Just wanted to check in with you regarding my queries. Do let me know how we can resolve this?


@AndrewWong ?

Hey team,

Any update on this?